Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Holy Sock!

October 8th, 2007

So...this evening, just for fun, I looked up a band on myspace that I have a very fond memory of. They were a group called Lifter and were playing a local gig in Toledo one weekend. It just happened to be my 17th birthday that weekend so two of my friends, and myself, went out to a popular club for some trouble. This is the same club that I happened to catch a show of Marilyn Manson before he was super popular. Let me tell you how creepy THAT was. you have a glimpse into my "previous" life. So...this particular night, Lifter was playing on the second floor and so my friends and I danced the night away like the crazy doped-up, drunk girls we were. The lead singer that evening asked my name from the stage and then preceded to insert my name into every song he sang, in honor of my birthday. I was flattered and spun around the floor in my skin-tight Hooters t-shirt and bell bottoms, minus a bra, btw. THOSE were the days :) Anyhow, just myself and one other friend ( my crazy die-hard party-hardy friend) stuck around til the band was done because we wanted to party with them. We were known for this. I partied with quite a few bands back in the day (my friend Brandy in Florida can testify to this!) I was just one of those girls. So...we caught a ride with the band and they took us back to their hotel room. We were excited to get wasted and probably end up stripping on a table or something. Honestly, we were naughty girls. However, God had a different plan for us as the band members began to tell us that they were clean; as in no-drugs. We were like, "Huh? You're in a band and you don't get high?" It was quite strange. Anyhow...they were extremely kind to us. We did somersaults down the hallway and acted very innocently. We eventually ended up sleeping on the floor of their hotel room. .In fact, one of the guitarists was quite friendly with me and overly complimentary of my hair, clothes, etc. He asked me how I got my hair to layer the way it was and all sorts of silly questions about how I got so cute :P I figured he wanted to get laid but I was not up for that...not sober, anyhow. So, that evening he slept on the floor next to me, twirling my hair the entire evening and just rubbing my arms, hands, etc. I was not attracted to him and I wasn't drunk so, I wasn't going to sleep with him. I did however sense some stress between the lead singer and this guitarist as I believe the lead singer had his eye set on me early on in the evening and that was part of his strategy with calling out my name in every song. I have to tell you...this was a very romantic move! I was totally flattered :) And I had been around a number of players by this time. This was just plain sweet, in my opinion. So, the next morning we all got up, hopped into their van and they took us to get coffee. Then they graciously dropped us off in Newport, where my friend lived, as they were already on their way to Detroit for another show. They were on tour. So, they dropped us off, took a moment to come in the back yard and jump on the trampoline and just be plain silly. I've still got the pictures!!! I am going to find them soon and post them. Anyhow...all of this to say...I looked them up tonight on Myspace, curious to see if they were still a band. I couldn't believe what I found!!! The very same guy that was fascinated with my hair and outfit is the guy who won Project Runway, the third season!!!! Check him out at this link below. I just could not believe this! And the band is still alive and kicking! What a crazy story, eh? Turns out Jeffery didn't stay clean for very long. He ended up badly involved with drugs but just recently kicked the habit. It's a neat story. You'll have to read a bit. Now he's dressing Tommy Lee, Lenny Kravitz and the like! I'm like, "NO WAY!!" Check out his press link. It's insane! And the crazy thing is....I remember him from the SHOW!!!! I did not put the two together though. Anyway...I'm just kinda freaking out at how insane life is. Be sure to check out his stuff. It's killer!